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Wild At Heart

Wild Bill Ketelhut provides the "blog" to this anti-blog

Wild At Heart

It has been a rainy week up here but luckily there was some sunshine so I went out and planted my garden as pictured here:

Corner garden

Spent a couple of more days at the Lilac Festival which struggled along with the rain but got clear skies for Joan Osbourne who is wonderful live:

Joan Osbourne Trio

Joan @ Lilac Festival

I did do some indoor shows like Australian artist Harper @ Dinosaur Barbecue. He mixes a blend of rock and Aboriginal music for this powerful bluesy, rocking world music mix. He is a big fan of Muddy Waters and Stevie Wonder and he plays a mean harmonica and didgeridoo. I highly recommend seeing him when he comes through town. He will be at Scooter’s in Flint on June 5th and will return a few times for the London Blues Festival and Guy Hollerins in Ann Arbor in July. To check his schedule, go to for more info. His back up band he played with in Rochester including three guys from the Detroit area. Check out the song below.

Harper @ Dinosaurs

As I’m recommending shows, here a few cools shows that should entertain you this week:

Tuesday (5/24) – Empty Orchestra opens for Two Car Garage @ Magic Stick

Wednesday (5/25) – Doobie Brothers @ Pine Knob, Man Man @ Eagle Theatre, Neon Trees @ St Andrews Hall, Silverstein & Bayside @ Crofoot

Thursday (5/26) – Arctic Monkeys @ Clutch Cargos, Robin Trower @ Royal oak Music Theatre, Crash Test Dummies @ the Ark

Friday (5/27) – Nico Vega @ St Andrews Hall

Saturday (5/28) – Peace In The Middle East Rally featuring Electric Lion, Daestro, Mick Bassett, ect @ Magic Stick, Movement Electronic Music Festival w/ Richie Hawtin, etc @ Hart Plaza

Sunday (5/29) – Brett Dennen w/ Dawes @ St Andrews Hall, Movement Electronic Music Festival w/ 69 (Carl Craig), etc @ Hart Plaza

Monday (5/30) - Movement Electronic Music Festival w/ Dirtbombs, Flying Lotus, etc @ Hart Plaza

The Peace in The Middle East Rally will have representatives from several local and national political activism groups handing out free literature, petitions to sign and educational information regarding activism opportunities to create change in US policies regarding the War on Terror abroad and at home. With all that is happening in Libya and Egypt along with Osama’s death, this might be a good time to try to actually learn something important as well as checking out some good local music.

I had a good time at The Main Street Armory here in Rochester for fans of classic rock. This concert hall is an old training facility for the army and my dada was stationed there back in the day. You know when you had to walk up hill to and from school! The show featured the Orleans, Robbie Dupree, John Cafferty, Joe Bouchard and Joe Lynn Turner (who is still rocking hard doing both Rainbow and Deep Purple hits) and had New Zealand singer Anita Prime (make me miss the KIwi girls) opening up. Unfortunately, the show is not coming to Detroit. The closest it is scheduled is Reading, PA on August 26th. Road trip? Hearing either Turner belt out “Woman From Tokyo” and “Smoke On The Water” or Cafferty doing “On The Dark Side” might make it worth it. Here are a few shots:

Anita Prime @ Waterstreet


John Cafferty in audience

the band rocks

Have a great week. I’ll have a couple of movie reviews coming up for “L’Amour Fou” and “The First Grader” later in the week. Until then, rock on!!