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Spaulding Court Open House

On May 1st, Spaulding Court held an open house for it's first renovated unit.

If you've ever been through North Corktown, then you've probably driven by Spaulding Court. It's a series of 20 stone exterior townhouses facing each other, located on Rosa Park Boulevard just north of I-75. For several years it sat abandoned by its former landlord. In February of 2010, Friends of Spaulding Court, a nonprofit corporation, led by Jon Koller, bought Spaulding Court. ( did a great piece a while back on Spaulding Court and its last inhabitants before the property changed hands)

The work they've done to rehab this unit is impressive. The appliances are stainless steel. The kitchen floor and shower stall use modern looking tile.

The most glaring drawback has got to be the size of the 3 bedrooms. The largest bedroom will just barely contain a full sized bed, and the others will barely accommodate a twin size bed. I can't fathom how you'll be able to squeeze in any dressers after the beds are moved in. Asking price for this unit is $1500 a month. That's right, $1500 a month. I don't see how they'll get that much.

Hannah Lewis, pictured standing in the old coal compartment, runs the event Soup at Spaulding, to raise funds for the renovating of the remaining 19 units. The next Soup at Spaulding will be May 12, at 7:00 in the courtyard.

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