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DEADMAU5 - BACK to BACK Shows - tonight and tomorrow at the Fillmore

With a record breaking tour including six consecutive nights earlier this month at the Roseland Ballroom in NYC - DEADMAU5 returns to Detroit for back to back shows. In case you already have plans tonight, DON'T WORRY - tickets are still availble for tomorrow's show (say hi to me!)

And in case you can't make it either night - aside from checking out MCB for photos from his Detroit show -- I highly recommend you pick up the Deadmau5: Live @ Earl's Court DVD selling for under $20 (less than half your ticket..if you got the cheap ones).

MCB had the chance to review the DVD and must say - it definitely is worth the buy and would be a great "backdrop" to your houseparty or addition to your home theater collection.

Multiple angles on this Euro sell-out crowd really make you feel like you are right there with all the other "Mau5-Heads". He pulls out all the bells and whistles for this show, and has some other live guests making it different than the usual button mashing in the booth (what does he do back there anyway?)

Pick up the DVD and find out, and get down to one of his live shows this weekend if you can!