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A Night with Mates of State at the Shelter Detroit,MI

So here we are again, another tour, another album, we can't get enough of this duo. At least I can't. Their new album is called 'Mountaintops'

Released through Barsuk on September 13, 2011

Every performance they've had that I've seen was spectacular. But this show is the best show I've been to of theirs, not only did I get a chance to sit down and talk to them personally, but I also enjoyed myself, danced, and sang along to all of their old tunes. Suckers and Yawn accompanied them with great performances. They opened for the duo and got the crowd going.

The night was full of energy from one wall to the other. Packed with people, downstairs in the intimate setting of the Shelter. It fit perfectly with what they wanted and what they were going for. Their set was fully decorated with leaves and autumn colors. Not only do they tour with their band but they also brought along their little ones on tour. They have two children that get to see the world in their parents eyes as traveling musicians.

Check out the interview where we go deep into the meaning of their music and learn how Mates of State really became!

Pictures coming soon!