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Schiffer Book Reviews of Alternatives to Aging, The Unauthorized Batman Collector's Guide, and Greg "Batman" Davis: Original Gangster

"Snazzy is as Snazzy Does!"
Gwen Joy is an artist who specializes in colorful folk art paintings. 
Life experience is her subject matter which is translated in a lyrical/mythical fashion.
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In Alternatives to Aging Stephen Kravette discusses numerous exercises to maintain a youthful appearance, fit body, and positive frame of mind. The first few chapters are about physically studying yourself and the thoughts you think day to day. This is achieved by making lists of attributes that you like and dislike about yourself and reconditioning your mental processes. Kravette shows you how to replace a negative thought with a positive thought. He suggests glancing at your list of positive attributes when you need reassurance. Kravette also suggests mentally challenging social attitudes about aging. For instance instead of using wrinkly as an adjective replace it with stately.
The exercises are in a yoga type of format and focus a lot of breathing and relieving tension and stress. Kravette researched his book for twelve years and met many fascinating individuals at crucial points in their lives. Old age does not need to be something that is feared. This fear colors a lot of the negative thinking prevalent in today's society. In some cultures individuals live well beyond 100 years and are esteemed and happy. Kravette chronicles how different cultures have viewed and treated the elderly. This book is an excellent addition to anyone interested in fitness, psychology, and self improvement.

In The Unauthorized Batman Collector's Guide everything from batman themed bathing suits to batman pezs to snazzy watches to action figures are chronicled in this collection. Almost 1/3 of the book covers the numerous batman comics that have come out from the 1960's to current. Batman is an iconic part of american culture for one and all. A highlight is seeing the limited edition Batman Kellogg's Cornflakes cereal box and the batman themed board games.
Trading cards and stickers have their own chapter as well. This is an extremely well researched and informative book. It is a must have for the batman fan and for the avid memorabilia collector. The pricing list was supplied by Alan J. Porter.

In Greg "Batman" Davis: Original Gangster the viewer is treated to a visual gallery of Los Angeles street life. Batman is an original member of the first L.A. Crips gang, the largest and most notorious black gang. He was one of the original 10 members of the Crips. He currently is living a dramatically different life working with youth and discouraging them from joining gangs and other risky behavior.
The Crips are the largest and most notorious black gang. Batman has crossed paths with cult leader Jim Jones, Ice-T, Charles Mansion, and Patty Hearst of the Symbionese Liberation Army. Much of the seedy underbelly of Los Angeles is exposed and documented. This is an essential book for those interested in true crime, urban culture, popular culture, and street life. The author is Roger Gastman who wrote The History of American Graffiti with Caleb Neelon and I Was Just Leaving: The Artwork of Richard Colman. He is well versed and passionate about his subject matter.

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