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Blowout 2013: Night 4

Night 4 of the 2013 Blowout, May 2nd, 2013

The first band playing anywhere Thursday night was The Philter over at Found Sound on west Nine Mile. I felt let down by a band I had recommended just a day earlier. All the percussion came from a drum machine, and it just sounded tinny and overly repetitive.

Over to the Rustbelt Market for Carjack. This an act I was introduced to years ago at a previous Blowout. Whatever was happening at the Columbus hall was boring me, so I walked over to the lounge and into a Carjack performance. It was the highlight of that year's Blowout experience for me, and a great example of why you have to try as much new stuff as you can at these things. At Rustbelt the room just seemed too big. The crowd and the energy needs to be bottled for it all to work.

Next was Ciccarelli at Woodward Avenue Brewers. I was digging the their instrumental stuff, but not the space. The upstairs at the WAB doesn't seem suited to host bands. At least not in the place where they were stationed, just behind the walkway that everyone needs to pass through.

The only thing weirder than going to a library to see a band, is having to prove that I'm over 21 at the door because that library is serving booze. The Jesus Chainsaw Massacre likes to provoke more than they like to perform. I once saw the lead singer, Bryan Metro, wearing a skirt of raw bacon while the swine flu outbreak was in the news. This time it was placing a pressure cooker on the floor. I left to peruse whatever else was happening. Tunde Olaniran was late setting up at the Loving Touch, and so was Duende at the WAB. I figured I might as well catch more of the JCM spectacle. At least I got to see the library staff frantically try to contain beverage spills. That library completely a huge renovation just a few years ago. (Disclaimer: This band was kind of affiliated with this site years ago. It was before my time here.)

Tunde Olaniran finally got under way at the Loving Touch. After hearing his name for a few years and thinking "who is this guy?", I see him take the stage and finally realize that I saw him at last year's Dally in the Alley. Normally the more backup dancers there are, the worse the music is, but Tunde could have 12 and it would still be fun. It's kind of an electronic R&B thing. I wouldn't listen to it in the car, but it's great live.
They brought everyone on stage for the last song, and it became obvious that the Loving Touch was the most happening venue that night.

A little bouncing around to other places and it was back to the Loving Touch for Flint Eastwood. The lead singer is still furious at people who don't move around enough. She called out someone in a denim vest in front of me, and I decided to move farther back to stay out of her field of vision. I love when they use spaghetti western riffs, and I wish they would use more of them. They're all wearing bolo ties anyway, so why not go all in?

It's strange to see a band at Como's. If you go in the front door you have to pass through a mostly empty and depressing bar area to get to the stairs in the back. When you get upstairs you think you've entered a 70's era Turkish hair salon. I wanted to see more of Phantasmagoria there at the end of the night, but my cold symptoms kept getting worse, and I desperately needed sleep.

Bands I saw that night that I'm putting in the "whatever" category: The Philter, Eleanora, The Salt and the Sea, and At Willoughby.

After the first night of the Blowout in Ferndale it seemed like there was a low turnout. When Hamtramck had a Thursday night for the Blowout, the turnout was was always lower than the weekend, but this felt worse. The only place where it felt really vibrant and alive was at the Loving Touch. Maybe I was wrong, and the Chris Johnston Ferndale Illuminati conspiracy is true after all.

While Blowout defenders say that evolution is necessary to survive, people in Hamtramck are eager for you find out what's also going on in Hamtramck this weekend. Personally, I'm trying my best to keep an open mind until the weekend is over.

Also, I learned last night that I confused Sakana Sushi Lounge with Inyo Sushi across the street. I guess sushi restaurants that I don't go to all look the same to me. The Boogie Fever and Blowout collision won't be as pronounced as I was hoping for.

Recommendations for Friday, Night 5
Pewter Cub, 10:10-10:40, Ferndale Library
Jessica Hernandez and the Deltas, 12:10-1:00, Rustbelt Market, part of the "Hangin' with Navdo" Showcase (Another Disclaimer: Navdo is kind of affiliated with this site, I think)