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Show Preview - WatchTheDuck, Sweet Ghost & Airjob Pike Room Thurs. May, 9

Sometimes a band will come along and flip the switch. Take what you think you know about today's music and turn it into something wholly different. Gorillaz did it over a decade ago with their mix of hip hop, dance and Brit-Pop. The latest band I've come across to flip that switch is WatchTheDuck from Atlanta, comprised of 3 accomplished DJs originally from Houston that sought out change and found WatchTheDuck as the answer. Their name is a mantra and is explained as something like watching the simplicity of a duck glide across water but underneath the water those ducks are pedaling like crazy.
Their music is a genre-bending mix of R&B, hip hop and dubstep with a focus on using vocals and a live feel to their presentation. It comes across as completely original and transcends easy comparisons. You can get a free taste of WatchTheDuck with their Rub-A-Dubmixtape. On it they take some of their material and other hip hop tracks and rework the songs into a compelling mix.
Another part of the band is TheDuck which is a mysterious figure in duck mask that follows that band around and inspires chaos at their live shows. WatchThe Duck's initial ep is out and their album will be released soon.You can catch the beats and madness that WatchTheDuck is sure to bring to the Pike Room this Thursday. Opening the show is Airclub and Sweet Ghost who stunned local crowds at the Metro Times Blowout last weekend.