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Wild Bill Ketelhut provides the "blog" to this anti-blog

Wild At Heart

Hope everyone is doing good out there in Detroit. I am still having a turbulent time here with regards to my mom's illness. I have now almost lost her twice in as many weeks and her health is perched between life and death. The one thing I have truly gotten from this experience is seeing how much my dad loves my mom. Too often I see and hear people talk about their husbands/wives/siblings/parents/girlfriends, etc in ways which make me wonder how someone can be with someone they seem to care little about or dislike their blood with such disdain. From the guy and work wishing his mother dead to the three kids who lived within 10 miles of their father but not knowing he passed away at home two weeks later. But seeing my dad who has always been one not to show emotion too much crying at my mom's bedside whenever she squeezes his hand is truly a wonderful thing to behold. I wish I could find someone like that to share my life with someday.

I was hoping to do a few things this week like see graphic novelist Art Spiegelman (of Maus fame) or TV personality Joel Hodgson (of MST3K) speak or to get to downtown Rochester to see the filming of Spiderman 2. I did manage to get to see British pop icons China Crisis (best known here for "King In A Catholic Style") perform at the local art gallery. They are only doing a few shows in the states so I count myself lucky to catch them.

Here are a few shows that might be worth catching this week esp 4 really good shows next Sunday:

Wednesday (5/08) - Teddy Geiger w/Ryan Cabrara @ Blind Pig

Thursday (5/09) - the Cliks @ Lovin Touch (Ferndale)

Friday (5/10) - Paramore @ the Fillmore

Saturday (5/11) - Ragbirds @ the Ark

Sunday (5/12) - English Beat @ Magic Bag, Breeders @ Majestic, Leon Redbone @ the Ark, Earth Wind and Fire @ Ceasar's Windsor

Monday (5/13) - Peter Murphy @ Magic Stick