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FREE TICKETS: Getting down and LA dirty with Mickey Avalon at Crofoot Pontiac 6/29

MCB has been working pretty hard to score some freebies for the upcoming

Mickey Avalon party
set for 6/29 out at the Crofoot Pontiac...

its going to be a ripper of a night that you won't remember the next day and that's where we come in ...because we will be covering every aspect of the show if all goes our way  including interview / video / photos / live review

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Check out our coverage below from MCB's hottie LA shooter Kelli Hayden who covered the Key Club gig back in May and email for you chance to win some hot hot tickets

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MCB's Los Angeles contributor Kelli Hayden
nailed these shots and review in May 2012 at The Key Club

Johnny Thunders may have had a secret Jewish love child who's been performing under the name, "Mickey Avalon". Three things come to mind when I think of Mickey Avalon: smeared lipstick, sleazy drugs, and unprotected sex. This guy comes from Hollywood, California where he lived a turbulent life and of course recycled those experiences into his songwriting. It's appropriately raunchy and just what you'd expect from a dude who's lived in LA his entire life and befriended fellow rappers such as, Andre Legacy and Dirt Nasty. He's another musician who turned gutter and grit into glitter and glamour for himself. Glam rap?

You may have heard him before and not realized who you were listening to with such numbers as "Stroke Me" and then probably even more familiar, "What Do You Say?' as heard on The Hangover film soundtrack. This night in Hollywood, Mickey's hometown, was the release of his new album, Loaded. It was clearly a release show as my friend's photo of Mickey for his album cover hung prominently on the side of the building of the Key Club where the show took place. I didn't show up in time to catch every opening act, but Andre Legacy performed right before Mickey. Bitches were in abundance and the promise of debauchery lurked in the air like the smell of stale beer from last night's house party in the hills that got broken up by the cops, only you're not concerned about cleaning up all evidence of said debauchery taking place before your parents come home. Mickey holds a "flamboyant" hitch in his giddy-up that familiar acts display like the infamous Jesse Hughes that somehow performs magical submissive powers on females everywhere. All meatheads and alpha males take note: It's not testosterone that we're interested in choking on, but the overabundant flow of pure confidence and charisma spilling out of tight male skinny jeans. You know what else makes him bad ass? He's a street artist in the LA-based "graffiti crew", CBS. Thunders meets Shepard Fairey? Mickey Avalon may write and perform hip-hop songs but "homeboy" is completely punk rock. Whenever he makes his way into the D, his show is definitely worth seeing.

-MCB's Kelli Hayden reporting from Los Angeles in 5/2012