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The Octopus Umbrella Circus Presents: The Clown Party!

Ringmaster Zeb's-Octopus Umbrella Circus!-Presents:
-The Clown Party!

Official Circus music Debut/Fools Art Gallery/Emersive Video Showcase!
Exibit of Tentacular Circus Stage Props & Circus Inventions!
Puppet Shows/kissing booth/face painting/Magic Shows!
Live audience clown competitions for prizes!
(first 25 clowns through the door get a free circus music cd!)

*POST CIRCUS SHOW- Featuring music by- Patrick Elkins and The Rainbow Vomit Family Band,
plus DJ Octopus Brainz spinning Oldies Sockhop Pizza Party/Dance Party!

Plus-indoor/outdoor carnival games/dunk tank/train rides!

SHOW FEATURING: Many live acts by RM Zeb & The Octopus Umbrella Circus!
along with several of Detroit's finest variety performers!
-"The Hungry Caterpillar Parade!"-all performers

-Satori Circus vs Ringmaster Zeb as The Great Kazoo
in a midnight clown off for ultimate clown fame!

-Jamison Boudreau.- Punch & Judy Puppet Shows etc.

-The Weird Sisters!-Performing in "The Starfish fantastica" epic aerial performance!

-Jade Ashekerra- Contact Juggling/circus sideshow etc.
Performing in "Circus stilt waltz delight" and "The Mad Dinner Party"
-Christopher Bogucki-Circus sideshow/freakshow Extrodinare!
also performing in "Epic Clown Danger!"

-Olive Oil- Super Dooper Fire Hooper/Cyr Wheel etc.
Performing in "The Great Nyx!"

-Chuck Clark aka Rufus The Dufus- unicycle juggling clown-
performing in "Tomato Juggler" and "Red House on Red Street"

-Mookie The Clown-"Family Friendly" Burlesque!
Performing in "Tox Box Imaginarium"

-Elissa The Broken Ballerina- Dancing & Sword Swallowing!
Performing in "Sad Clown Fights The Bull"

-Puppetmaster Ted- Puppeting "The Great Zambini Magic Show" along with his original and hilariously rude and playfull act -"The Magic of Van Gogh"

-Rachel Rampage & Adam Arcana-Performing in "Damsel in Distress and The Crazy Train!

-Heather Manasco aka Leilani -performing in "Xyla's Snake Dance"

-Mabel Surup- of: The Tickled Fancy Burlesque!

-Emily Infinity-as "The Musical Cupcake Girl!"

-Clownish costuming & behavior is required!-
$10 Door/ 930 pm
(video showcase starts 10pm/puppet show starts at 10:20pm)

At the Hastings Street Ballroom