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Show Review: The Infatuations @ Detroit River Days June 23, 2012

With so many bands to pick and choose from in Detroit to see on any given night, you would do no wrong by heading out to see The Infatuations. Appearing on the Michigan Lottery Stage on Saturday at the 2012 Detroit River Days, just before the Howling Diablo’s closed out the night, the band stopped countless people in their tracks with their infectious funky Motown sound. Blending a mix of funk, soul, pop and just about every other aspect of music that defines Detroit since its birth, The Infatuations breathe a fresh life in to the music scene.

A sizable crowd had already gathered to see them play, and only swelled from there, transfixing festival goers passing by on the midway, stopping people in transit outside the fence on the sidewalk, lost in the moment of the music, not caring where they had to go because they had arrived at where they knew they wanted to be. By the time the began cranking out their notable hit "Dancing on my Knees", which won them the 2011 Vitaminwater “People’s Choice Award” at the Detroit Music Awards, the crowd had become standing room only, several in the crowd up and dancing in front of the stage.

If Detroit knows one thing at all, it's good music, and the crowd was well aware of what The Infatuations brought to the show. The night's performance found them impeccable in their display of their instruments, especially Caleb Gutierrez's amazing voice which spans a good 5 octaves, if not more. Backing him up with the iconic Detroit Motown funky sound on guitar are Christian Draheim, Chris Polite and Nick Behnan, who strum and strut about the stage like they've been doing for ages. Behind them, but hardly far from sight or sound, The Wolf on bass, Robert Myers and JT Lee on percussion lay down the underlying thick groove that fuels the dynamics of the bands sound.

Visit their web site for a free download of Blame It On You.