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TEC TROIT - FREE 3 Day Summer Electronic Music Fest - THIS WEEKEND!

TEC-TROIT is a FREE 3 day festival of electronic music from local DJ's/Artists. Slammin lineup for this years event, some of the best talent in the 'D'. So come on down and check out some of your favorite local DJ's throwdown. Brought to you by electronic music...


R.A.W.S (Ravers Against World Starvation)

Show some P.L.U.R Detroit! 
We have all been or will be down on our luck in one way or another. Sometimes it could be in the form of needing a place to rest for the night, a bite to eat, a ride somewhere or all of the above.Think of the others that don't and won't have the luxury of a warm home and a hot meal.
How can we make a difference by partying you ask?

Where better to make a difference!!! It's simple my friend, at participating party locations we will be collecting canned and NON-perishable food items for our local families in need. With you donating to this cause u will receive 2 free glow bracelets! You can't go wrong!

We Love You Detroit! 

Sound by Source Audio

DJ's / Artists


12p-1p Dj Disc- Deep Sessions Detroit / W.A.R.M.T.H. International

1p-2p Mr. Jeffrey Woodward- / IrrationalMusicWorks / The D.H.C. / Deep Sessions Detroit

2p-3p Alex Jackson- Krossphade / AREA313


4p-5p The Vibemaker Larry Miller

5p-6p Neil V- Detroit Techno Militia 

6p-7p Dj Minx- Women on Wax / Queen Beats / Swagger / Connect Music

7p-8p CASH4GOLD- Aesthetic Audio

8p-9p Hugh Cleal- Coyote Cuts


12p-1p Sacramento Knoxx- Live PA (Dirty Politix)

1p-2p Jay Biggs- Cultured Citizens

2p-3p John Marius- Myth. Records / Existence Records

3p-4p Phil Tha Mixx- Tandem Entertainment

4p-5p Jeremy M. Poling + Eric Sutter Tag Set- Something Clever / Coyote Cuts

5p-6p Mizz Chavez - LoveLust

6p-7p Daniel Andres- Radio Skool

7p-8p ** Raul 'Dj Roach' Rocha- UNDERGROUND RESISTANCE

8p-9p Dru Ruiz- Cultured Citizens / Highjacked Records / Nightsneak Ent.


12p-1p Harley Miah-

1p-2p Dj Psycho- Detroit Techno Militia

2p-3p Joe G- Pitchslap Music / D.U.B.Life 

3p-4p Bruce Bailey- Tandem Entertainment

4p-5p Gabi- Cultured Citizens / A u x e t i c / Girls Gone Vinyl / Detroit deep tech house

5p-6p Thomas Barnett- Visillusion / Transmat / Audiomatique

6p-7p Asher Perkins- Bronzai Records ltd / Mintec Music / Cultured Citizens

7p-8p Dj Jenna Brown- DETROIT / THE DOME

8p-9p Kevin Reynolds- Live PA (Todhchai / NSYDE / Transmat)