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Tunde Olaniran and more, PJs Lager House, Friday, June 29

Tunde Olaniran is a singular talent. He is a unique singer that pulls his diverse background into an eclectic combination of indie pop, funk and hip hop. Label it what you will, Tunde will settle for “dance” as it is music that gets your ass as well as his shaking.  Speaking with Tunde, hearing his enthusiasm for his community in Flint as well as his larger collection of friends involved with art and music, it’s easy to see why he’s seemingly always happy – he’s works hard to stay that way.

Tunde traveled around the world when he was young spending time in Germany, Nigeria and London. But as it turns out, it’s always been Flint that Tunde calls his home and the place he loved growing up. “I feel like Flint nurtured me as an artist, as soon I got a few opportunities to perform,” He continues, “I feel like getting back to Flint gave me more than what people would think it would bring me.”

While Tunde’s played in various bands, including Stereoluxx, he’s currently solo with a series of ep’s to be released as his “Transgressions.” The first will be out in July and contains his song “Cobra” which came out last year with an arresting video (see below). Tunde performs with 2 dancers that have travelled with him to New York and Washington DC. He likes his stage show to be more of a performance that is fun to be viewed. “I don’t really want to mess around with electronics on stage and the girls bring something more to my show, to me, my live show goes beyond what people expectations are set to be.”

This Friday he’s performing at PJ’s Lager House along the illustrious Marco Polio and the New Vaccines, Pop Goes Duane, who Tunde has performed with but has never seen Duane’s act, and Arlow Xan. It’s a great line up that Tunde is excited to be a part of.  It’s also one of those rare shows that combines a diverse set of local artists that are all striving to give the audience something to remember.

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