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West Grand Blvd.- Super Size Block Sale

Saturday, 12:00 PM

A bunch of artists, musicians, freaks, weirdos, nerds, and regular nice people will be set up along W. Grand Blvd from Michigan down to Vernor... a virtual all-star line up of sunny southwest Detroiters selling off all their best stuff: VINTAGE MUSIC GEAR, VINTAGE CLOTHES, SHOES, ORIGINAL ART, ROCK POSTERS, RECORDS, COMPACT DISCS, FURNITURE, MONSTER MAGAZINES, BOOKS, DVDS , VHS, RARE, OLD, CHEAP, ROCK, ROLL, NOISE, UNUSUAL, STRANGE, AT LEAST ONE JUKEBOX, HAIRCUTS, CAMO, AND A KISSING BOOTH!!! COME EARLY! IT'S GONNA BE A PARTY!