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Tomorrow: Marco Polio and the New Vaccines

PJ's Lager House. Show starts at 9:30, $5 or 5 Dino Bones 18+w/Id

Marco Polio & The New Vaccines
When you go to a Vaccine show it's kind of like going to the zoo, you can't really expect the animals to cooperate, it's probably going to smell bad,They won't acknowledge the fact that they're on display, actually sometimes the dudes kind of sound like elephants getting it on, but dammit you payed your five bucks so you're probably going to stay for a while.

Tunde Olaniran

Born in Flint, Michigan, one of America’s most dangerous cities, Tunde Olaniran is a cultural warrior with a 4-octave range and a penchant for dirty synths. Combining a magnetic presence, lyrical dexterity, genre-devouring hypermodern style, and a glam-rock, DIY performance aesthetic, he’s toured the world, making believers out of Detroit metal-heads and Croatian ravers alike with a sound that defies convention.

Arlow Xan

Arlow Xan is an ethereal folktronica duo that weaves together plaintive Appalachian melodies and bouncing 808s, slinging banjos, guitars, synths, concertinas, dulcimers and drum machines in their mission to transport listeners to their unique and beautiful world.

Detroit musician and performace artist Duane: The Teenage Weirdo-The Origami King-The Prettiest Star-The Brand New Dog With The Same Old Tricks.