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Movement 2012 Day 1

As we all know there is a celebration every year during the memorial weekend.

People gather around and congregate into a group of fun, beat loving, artists and individuals at the Movement Festival. This year we got the chance to get up close and personal at the festival.  We have footage of stages, footage of loud and wild entertainment. 

Let's start off with the first day:

May 26th 2012

Hart Plaza

Detroit, MI


SBTRKT, excellent performance by a new artist and fellow beat maker. He took the stage with some odd samples and ran off with the crowd as thousands of people watched from the Red Bull Stage. We watched as he sampled some of the best new songs out on the airwaves. Such as his Little Dragon remix, which coincidently enough, Little Dragon played on the same stage as SBTRKT did last year.


I proceeded to go to the underground stage where Jimmy Edgar played out very experimental sci-fi sounds out the speakers. He proceeded to get the crowd following his lead as he was taking the mic and adding effects to his vocals. It sounded like something out of some sci fi retro movie, where the robots talk. A legend in Detroit, he took the stage and made the music happen for everyone there.


As Actress took the Red Bull Stage, everyone had been hypnotized by the mellow beats of his smooth take on music. He threw on some old samples that I recognized, and also put on some that I thought were new, they were unrecognizable. He mixed in a lot of different organic sounds. And that I appreciate because you never hear things such as Actress. He has a unique style and approach to his way of making beats.