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Movement 2012 Day 3

After all the days of the festival, you know for sure the last day is going to go off like a bomb. So we were prepared to take in whatever we could to keep from falling off the cliff!


Aarab Muzik completely blew us out of the water, we knew little about him until we got to see him perform, and now we know what the big deal is all about. We have footage of his captivating performance using his mpc, never seen someone hit the pad so fast! He really made the books for this one, and we hope to see him again sometime, he's worth the watch.


We ended the night with a wild crazy party with Diplo from Major Lazer. And they put on a wild show. The highlight of the night were there mix of pop songs and the Tequila song. After people started to cool down, they made it even hotter. Major Lazer didn't stop trying to mellow down, they demanded everyone take their shirts off, and as they did, the crowd got even wilder. I great way to end the night, and a great way to start realizing that Major Lazer is intended for a mature audience only.