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7500 posts = PREE VINYL & TICKETS: PREE - Trumbullplex Theatre Detroit - Sept 24th 2011

email for your shot at the new vinyl release and a pair of guest list spots for the upcoming not miss this show at the Trumbullplex Theatre in Detroit on 9/24 !

Pree - Lemon Tree by Paper Garden Records

Check out PREE whose Fall tour is coming right up and they're stopping in Detroit to celebrate the pre-release "Pree" party for their Fall release of "Folly" on 9/24 @ The Trumbullplex in Detroit

After touring for two years with Le Loup, guitarist May Tabol returned home to launch a new project with a close group of friends converging in the DC arts scene. Now playing as a four-piece, Pree combines a wide variety of folk instrumentation with electric and digital elements to create a unique sound brimming with layered melodies and contagious energy.

Folly was written and recorded over the course of several heat waves and snow storms by May and her cohorts in a rotating cast of bedrooms, basements, and attics across the District, bearing witness to two foreclosures, a bit of squatting, a larger bit of eviction, and a subsequent life shuffle that would rival that of a wind-addled gypsy moth. This patchwork, guerilla style recording, which grew out of necessity, ultimately served to instill a sense of tension throughout the record leaving one hanging on despite the imminence of something so delicate falling apart.

Pree’s new album, Folly, will be released on October 18 via Paper Garden Records