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The Rollerblading Project

What is The Rollerblading Project? In a nutshell, it is an extreme sport turned into a fine art with a focus on a raw, fresh take on the subject. Creator/Professional Photographer/Artist Michelle Gerard has spent the last 18 months dedicated to this project in order to bring to Detroit her own take on rollerblading in a pure artistic analysis without the aide of a flash, wide-angle or fish-eye lens. All shots were taken without being set-up, so everything presented in this project is real.

What this project needs is funding. Michelle has set up an account with Kickstarter, and has only seven days left to complete her $7,000 goal or the money is refunded and this project will not take off. What you can do is check out her project here on Kickstarter, to see the available options of funding, which all include prizes. You can also find more information on the project in this video.

For more information, please view the page on Kickstarter.

You can also check out the Roller Blading Project blog.

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