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Tim Minchin Give-Away!

Straight off my gushing announcement of Tim Minchin's Detroit stop, the good people in his camp have decided to FIND OR MAKE even more Tim Minchin fans by sending us a package to give away to one of you fools, including

free tickets for Tim Minchin's Friday 30 September gig at St Andrew's Hall

plus other multimedia extravaganzas, including Tim Minchin's new DVD, "Ready For This?"

Tim’s first ever region 1 DVD will be released in the States tomorrow, available from all good retailers, as well as online from the likes of Amazon, Tower Records and Best Buy! It’s essentially the same as the UK Ready For This? DVD, but instead of the UK extras, you’re getting the animated Storm movie! And as if that wasn’t enough, the DVD will come with a bonus Ready For This? DVD as recorded at the Queen Elizabeth Hall with a band and string quartet!

Email motorcityblog at earthlink dot net to take a swing at it.

And if you're a loser (really, are you going to let me talk to you that way?) there's still time to buy your tickets here.