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Two Gallants in Chicago at Schuba's Tavern 09/07

Just arrived home last night from Chicago, will be catching up on things from the blog.
As for now I want to mention the band Two Gallants who performed with 'The Mumlers' on wednesday night to a sold out show. The opening band, Mumlers who are from Oakland California, put on a very mellow and soulful show. There were female vocals with a frontman guitarist/vocalist. They set the mood for the show and really carried on a great transition from them to Two Gallants.
As I was sitting on the side of the stage, watching the roadie and soundman, Moses do his thing setting up the small set of just guitars and amps and a drum set, there seemed to be some sort of built up energy in the room as everyone waited for them to enter the stage. After some time of setting up, you could hear the people in the crowd yell out their names as they made their way through the crowd to come up on stage. The crowd of eyes stood there watching down on these men, as if you'd blink, you'd miss the moment of their unforgettable performance.
They started off with a memorable tune, then jammed in it, got the crowd to feed off of their energy on stage, and suddenly played a not so well known song. In fact they played a brand new song and spit it at the crowd. You could feel and see the spirts of raw edgy, high energy and loudness from the song. It definitely moved you to see this performance happening. Knowing it's been 3-4 years since they've played on a stage together, I was wondering what they had in stored for us. They kept us on our toes playing songs the public has never listened to yet, and kept us surprised to be hearing these new songs, not knowing what will come of them.
At the very end of the set, they played a new released song called 'broken eyes' where they play on acoustic guitar and both sing from the soul. The time was spent well as they ended the set, and left out the door. The crowd asked for them, it all never stopped, the raw energy filled the room to the height of the ceiling. All around you heard people clapping and yelling for more Two Gallants. I hear a quick knock at the side door to the stage, and they pop back in to give their final songs a run for the crowd. It all came to place after the last encore song, and you could tell the crowd was winding down because the songs kept winding down. These two piece band, these men from San Francisco who started out playing on street corners and house parties at the age of 21, controlled the room with their sound and energy. In all the times I've been to shows, they are the first band that made the crowd become on the same level as they were. It made a huge difference into what I usually see on stage. The new songs were recorded and now we have these songs to listen to and keep us occupied until they decide to record their new record. Which is definitely in the process of being written.
We had time after the show for a quick interview, and discuss a lot of things that some fans may like to know. We learn things about them that we did not know of before. If you're listening to this band for the first time, this band will keep you on your toes, and keep you wanting them to play longer and harder.
For reference in to what to listen to them, if you're new to listening to Two Gallants, screen over the album  'What the Toll Tells'.
They are on tour with support with the Mumlers right now, make sure you see them once in your life, at least.


the mumlers support all shows except waters supports on 9/24
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09/01 urban lounge / salt lake city, ut
09/02 hi-dive / denver, co
09/03 roman's lounge / rapid city, sd
09/04 the waiting room / omaha, ne
09/05 the aquarium / fargo, nd
09/06 first avenue / minneapolis, mn / with fruit bats & vetiver
09/07 schubas tavern / chicago, il
09/09 drake hotel (underground) / toronto, ontario
09/13 mercury lounge / new york, ny / sold out
09/14 tt the bear's / cambridge, ma
09/15 johnny brenda's / philadelphia, pa
09/16 duke coffeehouse / durham, nc
09/17 drunken unicorn / atlanta, ga
09/19 the mohawk / austin, tx
09/21 club congress / tucson, az
09/23 the independent / san francisco, ca
09/24 the independent / san francisco, ca
 Make sure to check back for photos and the interview coming soon!