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Concert Preview: Men Without Hats Token Lounge 09/28/2011

Men Without Hats are playing tomorrow at Token Lounge and even if you only know them from their 80's hit "Safety Dance." And even if you think that's one of the cheesiest 80's songs you ever heard, you should still go. If you do go, you'll find out MWH was so much more than just one song. In fact, their first 3 albums, "Rhythm of Youth," "Folk of the 80's P. III" and "Pop Goes the World" are artifacts of perfect synthpop featuring songs that had simple structures but very deep meanings. Ivan Doroschuk, the singer and force behind the band still captivates the crowd with with his deep voice and his band which has been playing out for the past year bring back the great MWH songs like they were never gone. For more info on the show go to the facebook page.

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