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Show Preview: Jay and Silent Bob Get Old at Redford Theater October 5th

If you haven't been paying attention to Kevin Smith lately, he has been one busy guy. He recently released his latest movie, Red State, his first foray into horror. He's been writing several comics over the past couple years. He's working on a movie with Mitch Albom. But, what Kevin's been working most at is what he's best at, talking. He's got his own podcast island of shows at There at least 20 different podcasts here and each week he seems to add a couple more. The crazy thing is Kevin Smith is featured on a bunch of them, inviting his friends and family to host their own shows where he more than likely joins them. I've read that he's viewing podcasting as his new career, even more of a priority than making movies.
One of Kevin's most enjoyable shows is Jay and Silent Bob Get Old which features him with friend and actor, Jason Mewes, recounting memorable times together and other times they might like to forget but can't. Even at their darkest moments, talking about despair in the throes of drug dependency, Kevin keeps it humorous. In October, they are taking their show on the road and coming here to the intimate Redford Theater for a show they will record for their podcast. It's a rare opportunity to get to see them record live in a unique setting. This show will sell out so get your tickets quick! Click here for more details.