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Royal Oak Does Decadence by DC-in-Detroit

DC is a longtime contributor to the MCB.
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Decadence by Metro Times
Friday 23 September 2011
Royal Oak Music Theater

Drinking, desserts and burlesque... That was the tagline and that's what we got. And how can that combo NOT make a person happy!

That's one of the things I love about events like this; everyone is just in such good spirits. And dressed up! I especially love it when they dress up. Decadence was put on by the same people who produce the Vodka Vodka parties, which I love, but this definitely had a different feel. The VV parties have been PACKED, and the party-goers have seemed to have had a much more hardcore approach to their drinking. Decadence did not pack the ROMT, which was a big advantage. The were plenty of people there, but not so many that I was more an about third in line at any of the drink booths. The liquor vendors were varied and high-quality -- hey, did you know Chambord makes a VODKA? -- and the drink specialties were delish. Except the old fashioned. Blech. Only thing I couldn't drink, and I'll drink anything. I got that at one of the upstairs bars, which I visit every year or two, and every time ask someone "have these bars always been up here?"

The vendors on-hand were smart to be offering full-size drinks and mini-sized desserts. You don't want to try to sell someone your bourbon with a tiny or watered-down portion. You want them to have the full experience (and I fully experienced 9 or 10 times -- er I mean I used all four of the included drink tickets). When it comes to desserts, though, less is definitely more. The only time you find cupcakes the size of your head, they are sold in bulk. The restaurants on-hand at Decadence offered a great selection of bite-sizes delectibles, including one table featuring bacon in a ganache (which I did not like) and my first brush with citrus caviar (which I loved, and how would I ever have known that?).

Perfect! A booze buzz, a sugar buzz... Bring on the dancing girls!

I've seen the Detroit Dizzy Dames before, but never on a big stage. Usually when I see local burlesque troops, it's at a small venue with the girls either at eye-to-eye level or on a very small stage. It makes a difference. With enough room to prowl around, the ladies put on a really good show. Genuinely fun, and I'm not usually that big a fan of the "new burlesque." Too often it's just kind of...a girl in a outfit with no real skill or choreography. DDD were more entertaining than that, with special mention going out to "Miss Anna Sassin" and her rockin' hula hoops routines. (See, you know I was impressed because I remembered her name. Speaking of which, best stage name goes to Miss Polly Glamorous.)

As for my fellow revelers, I'll say this. If I got a quarter of the response from straight guys that I get from straight women, I'd have more marriages than Warren Jeffs. I must have had two dozen women come to me gushing about my outfit. My favorite was a woman asked me "is that a real burlesque outfit?" Because I am generally clueless, I said "I... don't understand the question." She said "is it from, like, the 1800s or something?" haha No, I made it this week! Smeone else asked if she could take a picture of me for her fashion blog. Yep, that's me, DC the fashion icon.

Another thing that gives me a chuckle about parties like this is when I'm in a theater full of people, at a suburb very local to me, and I don't see anyone I know. Where are you guys the rest of the time, Black Finn? No wonder I don't recognize any of you.

Next time, I'd love to see the menu open up a little, to include more standard edibles. I admit I'm more a savories than sweets person, and this kind of event is a great way for local establishments to introduce themselves to more of us.

Did I say next time? Yeah if there's a next time, I'll be there. Just set aside your extra drink tickets for me.

And now, please to enjoy the Decadence 2011 photoset from MCB's Kevin Soney.