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Wild At Heart - free Footloose tickets Sept 30th, act fast

I was going to have a review of the new movie "Love Crime" but it got delayed so I found this and thought a free movie might make up for it. OK, the new movie is only the new "Footloose" remake which has a free screening at MJR Patridge Creek theater at 8PM on September 30th. Once again, admission is free but you need to visit to RSVP for your exclusive screening. Not sure how long the link will be up so get your ticket soon and arrive early since it is first come first serve. I'm not overly excited but you never know until you see the actual film. Here is the trailer which didn't impress me but it does have Dennis Quaid.

For fun I did watch the old trailer again which despite have many similar scenes is so much more appealing to me that the new one. The new trailer seems pretty lame without the Kenny Loggins song cranking up the energy. Maybe the new film could have taken a few notes from the old film. Enjoy 80's fans!