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FREE TICKETS: Compañia Flamenca José Porcel / October 15th/ Music Hall 2011-2012 Season Opener

Compañia Flamenca José Porcel
October 15th/ Music Hall 2011-2012 Season Opener

A flamenca performance gives the spectator an overwhelming sensation
of happiness, a joyful and sensual mood that no other form of dance is
capable of evoking. Music Hall Center for the Performing Arts kicks
off it's 2011-2012 Season with the astounding and kinetic, Compañia
Flamenca Jose Porcel, Saturday, October 15th at 8 PM. Flamenca is an
explosion of rhythms, colors, and emotions that contains all of the
vitality, sunniness, and passion of the Spanish people, it is a
folkloric celebration where, even when "theatre art" is being
provided, irresistible erotic appeal and irrepressible energy remain

The Compañia Flamenca Jose Porcel was founded in Madrid, Spain and is
among the premier dance troupes that exhibits this exciting art form.
The Company brings this tradition to life vibrantly and colorfully
with live musicians, vocalists and of course dancers and has delighted
audiences around the world for many years.  The Company scored a
sensational success with their coast to coast tour of North America in
the 2008-2009 season and returns to the United States and Canada in
the 2011-2012 season in their thrilling new program "Gypsy Fire".

With this new production I would like to present to you the purest and
the oldest part of flamenco from Andalusia, by reviewing the most
famous styles of this racial dance.  Preserving the style and the
forms of traditional flamenco, customs and experiences of the
Andalusian people is my primary goal. Enjoy the guitar playing and the
dancing, without any added effects, only the pace and the passion of
the gypsy.

                    - Jose Porcel

The origins of flamenca are still uncertain, and they have been lost
through the centuries in a tangled web of influences and contributions
from various civilizations.  It is highly probable that flamenca
singing and dancing originated in Andalucia toward the fifteenth
century, during the Gypsies' encounter with the inhabitants of
southern Spain.  It continues to be extremely difficult to trace the
origin of these wandering populations who, when they arrived in the
region of Andalucia, were bearing with them a culture that was a
mixture of Arabic-Egyptian, Jewish, and Indian (which is obvious, for
example, in the gentle and voluptuous movements of the dancers' bodies
and arms) influences.

Watch Jose Porcel Video Here:

Tickets $30 $40 & $50 Available at Music Hall Box office or at

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Jazz Café
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