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NEXT WEEK: Boston band Jaggery joins Eleanora and Like Lavender on July 25th @ New Dodge Lounge

Boston band Jaggery joins Eleanora and Like Lavender on July 25th
Mysterious musical presences to take over New Dodge Lounge in Hamtramck

HAMTRAMCK--The band Jaggery, hailing from Boston and currently on the road, is expected to make waves in the Detroit area when they stop by the New Dodge Lounge on Friday, July 25th. Jaggery has an avant-folk sound that draws from multiple backgrounds. Pianist and front-woman Mali Sastri has a commanding presence and the violia, harp and upright bass add to it; theatricality is no stranger to this band! Their videos are spellbinding, seductive and often slightly frightening. Jaggery is touring as a quartet this summer (sans harpist!) and this will be their first visit to Detroit.

Joining Jaggery on the New Dodge stage are the bands Eleanora and Like Lavender. Like Lavender is a project of Anna Bitzinger's that is both confident and sweet, with catchy melodies, pop sense, and sincerity. Her band will consist of local favorites Anthony "Tone" Retka (of Tone and Niche) and Drew Schultz (of several funk/motown projects around town).

Eleanora could also be described as "avant-folk", but prefers to add in some dark r&b flavor and pop just to shake it up. They are a five-piece band co-fronted by Leah Dunstan and Julia Stephenson, whose voices and musical sensibilities are just fated to be together You'll hear them on viola, violin and clarinet as well as guitar. The other bandmates include bassist Jim Dunstan, lead guitarist Dan Clark, and drummer Dave Zwolinski

This event at the New Dodge in Hamtramck is sure to be filled with mystery, beauty and theatre. Please join us! The facebook event page can be found here.

Date: Friday July 25th, 2014
Doors at 9pm
Cost: $5 cover charge
Age: 21+
Location: New Dodge Lounge
8850 Jos Campau
Hamtramck, MI
(313) 874-5963

​Like Lavender