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Sexual Tension

MCB's search for all things sexy and late nite found us a known unknown. 
   Sexual Tension: a party of intelligent design from a higher consciences of dance culture- to make you move rhythmically, uncontrollably, sweat and release those pheromones.

I asked these guys about their parties and they tried to explain over the phone but...

I just couldn't understand what they were trying to say. "Just come to Temple Bar and we'll chat there." they said. They met me outside which I thought was very polite. 

We walked into a quaint room with a long bar, a pool table in the rear and a beckoning dance floor area. I ordered a drink and it was delicious. Very nice people working there. 

We sat down and I got the scoop on how the guys came to have a monthly late nite dance party become so intriguing, sexy and very successful. Coming from participating in lackluster events with overcharged entry and blown out speaker systems, Mustache Jerry has been focused on finding the better way of hosting a party to keep people happy and moving. Ponchatrain comes in with veteran experience and reinforces the goal they share. An unheard of $1 entry before midnight and $2 for after plus guest appearances from great names found in their niche have kept people coming in and returning for more. 
Find out more of the evolving state of late nite heroism in DJ'ing from founder Jerry Downey aka Mustache Jerry and Dustin Alexander aka Ponchatrain-
next event is July 4th with special guest THE FRIEND (How to Kill / Local Heat)

thanks to Paul Hitz Photography for the photos