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COOL DOG PRESENTS: REALITY FEST Cool Dog Productions in association with Scrummage Records presents a night of live experimental electronic music with video accompaniments. These artists were hand picked by Cool Dog to represent the cutting edge of avant-garde music and art from all over the world. This is a great event for someone looking to grip a slice of 2011. The event will take place on Sunday April 17th @ The Mexicantown Bakery Loft, 4303 W Vernor Hwy. Detroit, MI at 6 P.M. The artists performing are: Dolphins Into The Future Monopoly Child Star Searchers Floris Vanhoof Glen & The Boys Bones Also: Tortilla Fashion Show by Lindsay Farris DJ Worthless Waste DJ Basketball Diaries Live Visuals by Morgan Morel $7 - 6 p.m. THE ART PART is from 6pm – 7pm (The Bakery Loft lights will be fully on at this point so you can check out the artworks in ample lighting.) Artists Bios: DOLPHINS INTO THE FUTURE (Belgium) (...) like Caspar David Friedrich, i bow my head in deep mahalo and aloha.... because there, at Kealakekua, i learned how important beauty is. it is that deep, beautiful pallet of colors. that heart of the metaphorical Cetacean Nation. that collection of water, coral reefs, cliffs, spirit, animals, salt, trees and waves. which made me resonate myself with the artist. it's an egg, the artist that radiates either mystical realities or actual facts. sprung from the Olde Saturn. my music is a landscape. a ku'ono for your mind to hike in. for the exploration of a personal jungle. for the atonement of a world out there, above there, in there. a spring of harmonies. a bay of sound. a natural and abstract composition, rooted in romance and subconsciousness. Dolphins Into The Future has released albums on Kraak, Notnotfun and Release The Bats, and has upcoming releases on Aguirre, Experimedia, and Olde English Spelling Bee. MONOPOLY CHILD STAR SEARCHERS (USA) Charles Berlitz, former agent for boy band, The Skaters, has been inventing landscape music for years, and runs his own productions company called PACIFIC CITY SOUND VISIONS. Engelbert and Humpledinck have raved that: `Monopoly Child Star Searchers is a fusion music, but not a fusion of genres of music, but that of a fusion of the Stars, the Sun, and the Tschungle!` He has albums out on Olde English Spelling Bee, Rose City Aquariums Unlimited, and Blauwe Oceanic Records. Charles will be presenting to the East Coast his new sound `StarSwept`, which he explains as: "A memory blast of the beauty and evil that was experienced at the Spectacle of Light Festival in Salt Lake City 1988." Expect immediate Hallucination. (Alec Baldwin) FLORIS VANHOOF (Belgium) Filmmaker and musician Floris Vanhoof approaches the celluloid of his films and the electronic components of his instruments closely. Electronic circuits are vivified inspired by the liveliness of what happened around structural film and West Coast Free- and Tape music. With an arrangement of electronic gear and film- or slide projectors he searches for the essence and potential of multi media performance. Every concert becomes a hybrid form of projected images, an electronic patchwork and field recorded sounds. After releases on Breaking World Records and Taped Sounds his Vinyl debute came out on Ultra Eczema. A split with Dolphins Into The Future will be released by Experimedia and he's now recording for Kraak. GLEN & THE BOYS (NYC) Former Michigan man Bennett Tristano and his East coast cronies make up one of the most prolific, mysterious, and insanely hypnotic bands of our time. You haven’t heard the best of bizarre music until you’ve heard Glen & The Boys. With over like 100 albums and only a handful of live performances under their belts, the group continues to trip out even the most “in-tune” of their audiences. This extremely rare live performance is the Michigan debut for Glen & The Boys – this is one performance you will remember forever. You can download DAZE worth of Glen & The Boys music at BONES (Detroit) Bones (Ben Christensen) aka Bonedaddy is a musician from Detroit. As a founding member of the Scrummage Collective he has been a founding member of the groups Lord Scrummage and Just Boyz to name a couple. Although he spends most of his time recording and playing with these various projects, he has decided to play his first solo performance in six years. His influences are wide ranging and this makes his music very hard to categorize. Bones meshes folk, electronic, ambient, americana, new wave, funk, afro beat, italo disco and techno. LINDSAY FARRIS (Detroit) Lindsay woke up to make coffee. Morning sunshine is a relief. She uses a french press because simple machines are soul-satisfying. She took a sip and got a mouthful of soap. She puked in the toilet. She likes super important fashion because really outfits are just beautiful paintings sort of. Do u love Mexican food? Have u ever found yrself on a tortilla runway? Hip hop is very important to consider; T.I. is a cutie. Colors, shapes, avocado, textures, glocks, orange lipstick & OG shit. Tortilla Fashion Show 4ever. Also she is a gemini. MORGAN MOREL (Ann Arbor) "The Psychedelic Sights of Our New Millennium"? "Portals to New and Unknown Dimensions"? Nah, that's just the WACKY visuals of Ann Arbor's resident moustache, Morgan Morel. I stopped smoking weed because walking down the street having high schoolers laughing at me because I look weird is hard enough without a toke off that harsh reality bong, but this dude's Magic Eye impression really "puts you in the mood". No, really, is anyone a bigger space case? Anyone? Homeboy is the MAN for the JOB at HAND on that big ol' SILVER SCREEN: do some poppers in the b-room with some chick that got heels so tall you think she bout t'fall right on her TITTY and point your dilated pupils at the shit Morgan "Grease Nuts" Morel sees when he pulls down those eyelids. ~ Joe Wojtowicz, shrekpinballmachine likes this on drunkbook.