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Wild At Heart

Wild Bill Ketelhut provides the "blog" to this anti-blog

Wild At Heart

I had a rough day at work today so I’m kind of feeling it as I write this. As much as I am glad to be back in the work force, it amazes me how little everything changes. The technology that all these big companies have is still not enough to overcome stupid people making mistakes or preventing major network issues from occurring. Why do we have to call tech support in the Philippines to get our email working properly in NY and why does it take 2 days? After being turning down for employment at numerous call centers in the Detroit area who didn’t think I was capable of doing a good job anymore, I can safely say “you missed out losers”. I am working in a program that has been around for 6 years and I was the first agent to make a bonus during their first month on the phone!! Considering, it was only two days, I’ll just say I learned well from training on how to do some easy things. What amazes me is that I was the #4 money earner for that month also. We just got our stats for last month and I landed #1 with a bullet. There is one item where if done on a call we get $1. I was able to accomplish this easy task on over 500 calls which is more than the whole team had the previous month. I’ll pat my own back now. I don’t want to call people lazy but it makes you wonder what motivates people to work in a place that gives you the chance to almost double you salary every month and not take advantage of it. Part of me thinks that people either 1) don’t care or 2) too worried about call times and other stats.

Too bad some other better paying companies didn’t see that potential in me. Then again, I was getting beat out a lot by 18 year olds with no experience because they could pay them less. It feels nice to be vindicated and shows my experience with the US Census wasn’t a fluke (wish that job had been full time). Makes one wonder what employers are really looking at these days. I meet a lot of really talented people every day who can’t find work despite being overly qualified and dedicated to their work ethic. Saw the Academy Award winning documentary “Inside Job” which is about the economy and how we got where we are and that answers some of that question. Highly recommended!!

Other than that, I saw the legendary John Mayall last night giving a very impressive blues concert which leads me to my concert picks of the week after a brief song by the man.

Thursday (4/7) – Celtic Women @ Fox Theatre

Friday (4/8) – Steppin’ In It @ the Ark

Saturday (4/9) – Peter Murphy @ Royal Oak Music Theatre, Smokey Robinson @ Caesar’s Windsor, Suicide Machines @ Magic Stick

Sunday (4/10) – Ra Ra Riot @ Magic Stick, Rod Stewart and Stevie Nicks @ Joe Louis Arena, Kem @ Fox Theatre

I’ll catch everyone next week after Butler beats U Conn tonight in the NCAA Tournament. It would be nice to see a legit mid-major win the tournament.

Also, my condolences go out to those who saw Charlie Sheen in Detroit. I hear it was pretty bad and that he switched his format around to give a better show in Chicago. He must have gone cold turkey for the night on the Tiger Blood.