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HafLife CD Release Party at Northern Lights

Last night at North Lights was the CD Release Party for HafLife and their latest outing, "Nightcrawler". I had mentioned shortly after we arrived there and 1592 was still playing, that I was surprised at the lean crowd. But it seemed as though folks had their evening timed just right, because the crowd piled in directly to the front of the stage as soon as HafLife went on, and there were easily more people up and dancing than there were sitting down.

The show was set against a constant running background of old B-movie horror flicks so it was easy to get tremendously distracted by buxom blondes either screaming their heads off in a super tight close up, dancing in a bikini, or being eaten by some awesome creature with giant styrofoam underbite fangs (that one was my fav!!). But it was definitely worth it to peel my eyes away from "Feast of Flesh".

The energy and charisma for the show amazing, and I don't know if it was the mic or what, but the vocals had an interesting sound to it, that gave it an industrial sound, but the songs themselves were far more funky. I've seen HafLife play before but the ones I've seen before seemed to be much darker with the band performing with gasmasks in tow, but this one seemed to showcase a much more unbeat and party-feeling vibe. More heavily tilted towards "booty" than "core".

So it was a fun night, a great band, and best of all, I believe I found my new theme song in "White Girl, Black Bottom". Check out the new album if you haven't - it'll be something you rock out to in your car.