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REVIEW: Vinotecca embraces Michigan Wine Month with some "SEX" and other menu additions by TMB

Downtown Royal Oak's bustling bar and restaurant scene is like a wine press where establishments are seasonally squeezed and local foodies and social connoisseurs eagerly await the results...

Today, MOTORCITYBLOG sampled a little Vinotecca and found it to be a "grape' that can produce. Like a fine wine, of course, it's all about the blend... Vinotecca's diverse new Spring menu and an interesting Michigan wine selection, blended with atmosphere and a knowledgeable, helpful staff, provided all the essential elements for an enjoyable and well-balanced endeavor. Chef Robert Young, a culinary cutie himself, talked to MCB about his vision for Vinotecca and his creation of a menu and wine list that even the, oh-so-trendy, "Oakers" would enjoy...

He felt it was important to offer contemporary, main stream staples but enjoyed adding surprising new seasonal dishes that emphasized a variety of feisty, strongly flavored layers; the curry shrimp was like a Cajun and Thai dish rolled into one. The filet, perfectly seared and perched atop a surprising bed of jalapeno polenta with drizzled layers of jazzy creole spice, it was this connoisseur's fave!

When MCB asked about atmosphere, Chef Young added, "I don't want this to be some kind of snooty place where people are afraid to just drink what they like." and he did not feel it was essential to suggest vino accompaniments for any of his creations!

Now, a toast to Governor Grandholm: several years ago the Mistress of Michigan proclaimed April to be "Michigan Wine Month"! Vinotecca has certainly honored her proclamation and is offering a significant selection of Great Lake State vintages...

Be sure to have a little "Sex" while at Vinotecca, a surprising dry and sparkling rose from Lawrence in Suttons Bay. For the true adventurist (and hopefully a coffee lover) try the "Ethiopian Harrar" Mead from Nektar Meadery in Ferndale- made with Chazzano coffee it is like no mead we have yet experienced. Pricing at Vinotecca is fair, about $17.00 - $24.00 for an entree and $6.00 - $9.00 for a glass of vino. - Cheers! - TMB

Vinotecca is located at 417 North Main Street, in "Oak Town" Royal Oak.

Phone (248) 544-6256 for more info.