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Wild At Heart

Wild Bill Ketelhut provides the "blog" to this anti-blog

Wild At Heart

Last week Kirk sent me an email to write about Record Day here in Rochester, NY so here it is in a nutshell. On record day, I didn’t go to a single record store. We have three top notch record stores, better IMHO, than any stores left standing in Detroit. They are the Bop Shop, the Record Archive and the world famous House Of Guitars. If you are a serious record collector, and I do mean vinyl, you can’t go wrong visiting Rochester and checking out these warehouse size stores. Visiting all three stores in one day and doing them justice is at least a nine hour minimum experience. All three had musical events planned with mostly local bands playing all day long and while I have seen numerous shows at each store (most recently Victor Wooten at the HOG), I just couldn’t make it. The Record Archive did have the nationally known An Horse closing out record day.

Normally I would have gone to the stores but the same day also saw an event in Rochester called the Culture Crawl which opened up numerous galleries, theatres and museums to free admission and I wanted to see the Civil War photography exhibit (the largest collection of it’s kind) at the Eastman House (yes, the guy who started Kodak), a preview of the rock opera Tommy at the Blackfriar’s Theatre as well as checking out a few other galleries and some folk singers playing around at a community bookstore. I also worked that morning which gave me a late start and had to get on the road so I could get to Geneva (about an hour drive) to see folk legends Tom Paxton and Janis Ian who were joined onstage by the lovely Natalia Zukerman. So I hope I can be forgiven for not participating in the Record Day events but my plate was two full that day and cloning hasn’t been perfected yet. Maybe next year! BTW, any serious Civil War enthusiasts should make the trip to see the photo exhibit which has over 100 actual photographs from the Civil War along with a tribune to Civil War movies and photography of Civil War locations shot in the past 10 years.

Here is a song by Natalia Zukerman who really impressed me with her new songs. Hope you enjoy this song off the new album.

This is a very good week for music and here are my recommendations for you:

Tuesday (4/19) – porn star turned blues singer Candye Kane @ The Ark, Iggy and the Stooges w/Henry Rollins @ Michigan Theatre (keep an eye out for scalpers because it is sold out), Citizen Smile opens for Pink Spiders @ Pike Room

Wednesday (4/20) – Guggenheim Grotto @ the Ark, Jackson Browne @ Michigan Theatre, Stone Temple Pilots @ Fillmore

Thursday (4/21) – jazz pianist Javina Magness @ Callahans, Benefit For Japan w/Illymacjk, Duende and more (proceeds go to Doctors Without Borders) @ Magic Stick

Friday (4/22) – Decemberists @ Royal Oak Music Theatre, Joan As Police Woman @ Pike Room (look for midweek interview since I am seeing her Wednesday in Buffalo), Pixies @ Fox Theatre, 3rd Annual Rock Lottery (features band members of Gorvette, Displays, Prussia, Silverghost & more) @ Magic Stick

Saturday (4/23) – Brian Vander Ark (of Verve Pipe) @ the Ark

Sunday (4/24) – Reverend Horton Heat @ Magic Stick

I am going to leave you with a fun song by Candye Kane who puts on a wonderful show. I interviewed her a couple of years ago when she played Callahans. I wasn’t expecting much but became a big fan afterwards. It is worth a trip to Ann Arbor.

Later in the week I will be posting an interview of Joan As Police Woman. I am seeing her Wednesday in Buffalo and should have that posted Thursday prior to her show in Pontiac on Friday.