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Upcoming Event: Teach 4 Amerika Rally at CCS, Tuesday April 12

Taking a unique approach to the ongoing discussion on arts education in this country, the Teach 4 Amerika Tour makes a stop in Detroit on its 11-city road trip. Sponsored by the The Bruce High Quality Foundation, utilizing the energy, dynamics, and feel of a political rally, (the idea of people hooting and hollering for arts education with the ardent fervor of a Tea Party rally makes me smile at the thought) the event will be held at CCS on Tuesday April 12th at 7pm.  Previous stops on the tour have explored the perenial question of funding arts education programs to including students in discussions of curriculum planning. Sounds like an interesting alternative to being talked at by those making the decisions.

So if you see a limosine painted up like a school bus rolling around the streets of the D, be reminded of this event! Might be worth dropping in to become a part of the conversation.