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THE MUGGS to release 3rd album BORN UGLY

The Ugliest Band in the World is back with enough plastic soul to bag up the whole city! Our hometown heroes have been working hard to bring you their latest: BORN UGLY releases on April 29th. I'm the luckout that got to listen to it over the last couple of weeks and can say that it has set the bar out of sight.

With tales of new journeys and mysterious midnights, BORN UGLY sounds different from past work yet still delivers that unmistakable Muggs sound. They school the average Detroit "Kid" on bluesy-rock by nailing it every time without pouring on the cheese. Recorded with Jim Diamond at Ghetto Records, Danny and Tony have polished their skills and solidified their sound with new drummer Todd Glass. All The Muggs you'd expect + more horsepower.

Born Ugly has an epic, heavier sound than previous albums. While On with the Show was about getting on with life, this album seems to be about where life went after that. Since this Great American Band has opened for several established musicians, survived a near-death experience, acquired a new drummer after a decade with the same lineup, AND toured Spain, they've got a lot to sing about!

Upon my first listen I noticed a new level of intensity that adds drama to the usual Muggy lightheartedness. Title track "Born Ugly", and "Sturm Und Drang" are both moody and brooding with the kind delicious discontent that belongs in Rock n Roll. "Hats off to Mr. Beardsly" reminds us that these guys grew up in the good old days and haven't forgotten about Metal; so heavily seasoned that it sprinkles some fresh black into the blues. Danny truly has the chops to be featured in "Guitar Hero". This album, as with the others, is a collection of his guitar skills from start to finish. If you haven't yet, you have GOT to see this kid climb onstage in corduroy and murder his guitar.

"Blood Meridian" and "Losing End Blues" are very classically Muggs flavored and give you what you're looking for from these boys. Tony's unique brand of keyboard bass has become the factor that makes The Muggs so distinctive; I've come to listen for and enjoy the difference he makes. The Muggs have maintained their specific sound over three albums without getting stale, and seem to have the ability to make an edge out of any obstacle. Time and pressure have served them well since it appears to have only strengthened their talents and determination. The song "Home free" wanders easily from solid rock to airy lightness and showcases the wide range that the band has cultivated over the years.

"World Around" is a rare ballad for The Muggs, a short & sweet palate cleanser cleverly set right before they hit you with everything they've got in their "Kitchen Sink Blues". "Last Words" is a fitting finale-jam for a well-rounded album that provides plenty of reasons to leave your seat. 13 tracks in all; several have made me dance in my kitchen and sing in the car (how I gauge the greatness of any album). Money-maker tested, Moneypenny approved! With perfect timing for bonfires and beers, BORN UGLY is a staple for the summer soundtrack.

If you're like a lot of Detroiters and prefer your sounds preserved in wax, CHECK THIS!!!

The Muggs seem to be gearing up, not winding down. I predict many great shows in the upcoming months. Misery sure loves company...and Ugly Muggs! Bring yours to the Magic Bag on Friday, April 29th and join us for the release of BORN UGLY!
See you there!