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Just Announced: The Dirtbombs in July

The Magic Stick
Saturday, July 16
$15, all ages

Nearly ten years after their acclaimed Ultraglide in Black helped kick-start a renewed interest in all things Detroit and rock-and-roll, The Dirtbombs have released the de facto companion piece, Party Store.

Party Store is an assortment of live band interpretations of classic Detroit techno music of the 80’s and early 90’s. These are songs Collins digested when they were originally released – at a time where he was already making... waves with garage-punk legends the Gories. Songs that run the gamut of subject matter from materialistic future-disco braggadocio “Sharevari” (originally by A Number of Names) to cold, post-industrial isolation of “Alleys of Your Mind” originally by Cybotron) through the instrumental optimism of a worldwide house classic, “Strings of Life” (originally by Derrick May)… ALL these themes encapsulate the climate of Detroit both now and at the time of their initial release. Let it be said clearly…this is a record that addresses, at the same time, both the past and the future of Detroit.