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Big Livy - Lager House Detroit - 6/26

PJ's Lager House

Saturday, 6/26 


Big Livy

w/ Mike Galbraith, Jeni Lee Richey

and The Great Tribulation - $5 


Big Livy is well versed acoustic folk with country undertones, calmly soulful singing coupled with a tight band. Detroit songwriter Mike Galbraith's new record 'Rags' is chock full of late night reminiscences, femme fatales and cigarettes over coffee along forgotten highways. An inspired performer with strains of Leonard Cohen, Kerouac and cold, cold winters. It sounds like he listens to a lot of Bob Dylan, it sounds good. With songs haunted by the wicked, the lovely and a few whiskey-soaked nights, Jeni Lee Richey & The Great Tribulation meet at the crossroads of history and serendipity to bring you a sound twisting up from a seed planted over a decade ago. With beautiful vocals and folk-y goodness.