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VICIOUS GUNS - Lager House Detroit -

The VICIOUS GUNS are a canadian electronic rocknroll band featuring
jennie vicious (vocals, bass) & richey vicious (guitar, vocals). their
music is characterized by lead female vocals, male harmonies, and a
juxtaposition of impeccably clean/overdriven guitar tones against a
backdrop of synthetic drums and samples.

“music is our passion, therapy, obsession, and love," and they don't
just sing their passion, but live it out as well. “we believe [that]
humans are intrinsically creative and compassionate and are generally
beaten down by a system and institutions that want [humans] to fit
into compartments and serve their interests. we need to reclaim our
power as humans to lift each other up without fail, never judge or
condemn, fight the power that oppresses humanity… and follow what is
in our hearts. for us that is making music.”

the two are influenced by a mutual love for political punk, glam, brit
pop, and new wave. “i have no opinion about being categorized. i can't
control how people will perceive the music once it is recorded and
released for mass consumption. i hear so many dimensions in my own
songs from pop to punk to dance. vocal phrasing or guitar tone may
even be influenced by R&B or funk, but that doesn't permeate the
entire collection of songs.”
says jennie.

fans of jesus and mary
chain, new order, and manic street preachers will fall in love…

and want to take action immediately.

Tuesday, 6/22

Vicious Guns
Rouge Satellites

PJ's Lager House

1254 Michigan Ave.


Toronto's Vicious Guns have been a band since 2008. In previous bands, its members have collectively performed alongside and toured with such acts as Cheap Trick, Tommy Stinson, Bow Wow Wow, Hole, The Donnas, Whiskeytown and more. They've released albums on Sympathy For the Record Industry, Warner, and Alias. In the past 12 months, they've released a self-titled/self-produced EP, toured the US, Canada and the UK, shared the stage with Peter Bjorn & John, and were personally selected by Stephen Trask to portray the angry inch in his own internationally acclaimed musical, Hedwig & the Angry Inch during its Toronto run. They garnered outstanding reviews at NXNE and CMJ 2009, and have been featured internationally in publications such as the Independent, LA Times, Village Voice and CBC.

Rouge Satellites are a tight fucking band, they got it together and when they get into it theirs no denying how solid this band is, and on top of that their probably some of the nicest dudes in town. I couldn't put it better than review from Detour magazine; Rouge Satellite's are "what Brendan Benson would sound like if he re-imagined his saccharine power-pop as the soundtrack to a classic Nintendo vid, and also had a sense of humor."