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PHOTOS: Holly Golightly Interview 6/17/10

MCB asked Jeff from DUENDE! interviews Holly Golightly

after the Detroit show at The Magic Stick

Photos: MCB's Kevin Soney

Though Holly GoLightly had a bought of bronchitis she was more than gracious as was Lawyer Dave (The Broke Off's) to chat with us at great length after their their show at the Majestic Cafe out on the sidewalk patio with interjections from late night scrappers loitering that included Chris Turner from Dark Red, Frank Woodman who greeted Holly with a hug at the bar Jelly Roll from DUENDE! and local openers Illy Mack who absolutely filled the stage with a tremendous presence of strummed and stomped dub arrangements that were as much Mary Wells as it was the Slits in it's raspy revelatory delivery and Detroit calling card of irregular line up and multi-instrumentation innovated over an ironing board. Kevin Pachla of MotorCitySpecial captured a portion of my Bill Moyer's approach to interviewing but in the rendering it was lost and to attempt to construct the conversation with a speculative transcription certainly would not do their articulate nature justice. Maybe it's her English upbringing or his Texas frontier manners but they thoughtfully handled each turn of discourse with detailed perceptions and deep considerations on root's music and their life on a Georgian farm where they train horses for endurance when not traveling and performing as apart of a living tradition. You can really see how the experience of work that engages them compliments their rural genius as it is explored through instrumentation with context that is more than theme or narrative. Earlier someone had thanked them for touring through and not skipping Detroit or Michigan all together and both sincerely and almost in stereo assured me, "We will not forget about Detroit" and Detroit my friends will always have a place for you.