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PHOTOS: Childbite by SarahB (plus free 7" vinyl)

Child Bite celebrated the release of their album, “The Living Breathing Organ Summer,” Saturday night at the Magic Bag with a phenomenal performance and light show. Child Bite took the stage with frenetic musical insanity and an intensity that is difficult to match. They made sure attendees got a taste of their latest creation by giving everyone a free copy of the album, either on vinyl, CASSETTE, or CD.

The sweet sounds of FAWN kicked off the night while Bars of Gold made sure they had the crowd’s full attention with a drop kick of sound. BoG frontman Marc Paffi overcame a dead mic by simply screaming the songs at the crowd, later he ensured the functionality of the mic by placing it in his mouth for safe keeping. Silverghost played a stellar set of synth and guitar laden rock, complete with a cover of Nirvana’s Son of a Gun and back up from Sean Connery starring in Zardoz.

Be sure to play your new Child Bite album(be it cassette, CD, or vinyl),
at maximum volume, it is truly, the only way.

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Oh - you wanted the new vinyl?
you should have attended the show! :(((
-MCB's SarahB