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If you try, then you might get your Happy Endings

Happy Endings is a monthly Indie Dance party at The Berkley Front. The next event is Friday, June 25 10PM-2AM. I spoke with the 3 DJs behind this event, to get a little more info on what one can expect from a night of Happy Endings.

Z: Your name is a reference to Pulp lyrics. Is there any special significance to that?

HE: We like Pulp, and everyone likes Happy Endings, so the name suits our party.

Z: Describe the Happy Endings vibe

HE: A dance party for those who like Britpop, shoegaze, dreampop, & electro.

Z: What is the demographic you are targeting?

HE: Those of legal drinking age who like Britpop, shoegaze, dreampop, & electro.

Z: What kind of patrons drive you nuts?

HE: Those who effectively demand that we abandon our theme to cater to their whims.

Z: Do you feel frustrated that the majority of people in this area don’t appreciate your music, or do you relish the intimate community?

HE: We'd like it if more people appreciated it, but we're honored to be part of a smaller, closer community.

Z: What five artists would sum up what one could expect to hear at a typical Happy Endings event?

HE: Ride, Pulp, Hot Chip, New Order, Serena Maneesh

Z: What five artist requests just bum you out and make you think people don’t get what your night is all about?

HE: Lady Gaga, Kings Of Leon, Nickelback, Nine Inch Nails, Kid Rock

Z: How do you toe the line between making Happy Endings a dance party and having to play to the crowd who wants the tried and true favorites? It can be frustrating when you want to play a cool new cutting edge tune, but it might kill your dancefloor.

HE: We try to sandwich the obscure or new tunes between classics and encourage lots of drinking.

Z: What makes Happy Endings different from other dance club nights?

HE: We started it due to a lack of indie dance parties in the 'burbs. Our sound quality and presentation are good; we project retro sci-fi and psychedelic films throughout the night, and we have nice lighting. There's also no cover charge.

Z: Do each of the three DJs have their own style?

HE: Mike Tee (named for famed NYC DJ, Tee Scott) plays only vinyl - a lot of classics, leaning heavily on Britpop. Always beat matches.

Slofu (slow-foo) usually rocks out with a Shoegaze set early and a more electro dance later in the night. The most eclectic and current of the three. Also beat matches.

Udenjoe – (we THINK it’s Dutch for 'Without Joe', plus no DJs start with ‘U’) – his early set is spaced out and atmospheric (6 Organs of Admittance, Spaceman 3, Kitchen of Distinction). He brings out the big heavies later on in the night (Echo and the Bunnymen, Jesus and Mary Chain etc…).

Z: How did you all meet and what are your DJ backgrounds?

HE: We met at Rabble’s coffee shop on 9 mile and Harper near Car City Records when we were 15 or 16 years old. Mike Tee later had a successful Britpop night called Ready Steady Go from '97-'99 in Pontiac and Hamtramck.

Mike then moved to Philly and when he returned, hosted a one-off RSG reunion at Northern Lights Lounge. He ran into Slofu and UdenJoe there and the 3 decided to recreate the magic of that vibe with their own night since there was nothing out there for them all to enjoy.

Z: Why the Berkley Front?

HE: Christian (manager) attended Ready Steady Go and really appreciates our music. He’s easy to work with, has a great bar and an amazing space upstairs. We really couldn’t think of a better location for it; it’s versatile, the right size, with good sound and a great dancefloor. We also have complete control over the night.

Z: What have you found to be the most effective way to get the word out?

HE: Sadly, we have to say Facebook. We also have posters and flyers and word of mouth is always a key.

We have somewhat of an allegiance with some similar nights. WOW Wednesdays at Gracie's Underground [on Woodward & Nine Mile in Ferndale; 9 PM] is a good weekly event, and Haute to Death is a good monthly party in Detroit [at the Temple Bar]. We play on the last Friday of each month.

This community is too small and too special for us to compete against eachother. We have overlapping interests and do our best to support each other. Musically there are similarities, but enough differences. All three events are free. We attend eachother’s events and try and promote each other as much as possible to get the best audience for all three.