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PHOTOS: Dendura by Dan Sultana

Dendura, an Egyptian inspired progressive metal band, combines the seductive vocals of Aziza Poggi (Aziza is Egyptian and Lebanese), the virtuosic guitar talents of Steve Wethy and Paul Stein. Together, the band transcends the boundaries of progressive metal to create a mysterious, unforgettable soundscape.

In April 2006, Dendura released New Life, their debut album that attracted several film directors who licensed tracks for Perception, InZero, and the award-winning film Broken. Dendura also penned a metal version of In the Hall of the Mountain King for the Comedy Central series Monsters Ballz and appeared on the ABC affiliate WZZM (Grand Rapids, MI).

In 2007, New Life gained distribution through Sonic Cathedral, one of the largest online stores for female vocal music. By August, it became one of Sonic Cathedral's top-ten best-selling albums and the band caught the attention of KillZone Records who signed them shortly thereafter.

MCB's very first video interview was with Dendura back in the day! :)
We love this band!