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UPCOMING: Steel Panther @ The Royal Oak Music Theater Thurs 6/24/10


I'm a new fan of Steel Panther. They bring back the 80's, like they should've been. Most bands wanted the freedom to call their songs, "Fat Girl, Stripper Girl, Big Boobs", basically whatever they wanted to. Well, it's a new era, under a new regime, Clinton would be proud with the song, "Eatin' Ain't Cheatin'."

Tease your hair to epic heights, put on your tightest leather pants, slash your shirt to make Hulk Hogan jealous, put on makeup to put Poison to shame, it's the 80's all over again. This time, it's all you wanted and more. Excess in the extreme.
This is 80's hair metal done up right. The first listen thru, you'll recognize Def leopard, White Snake, Extreme, and others that I haven't yet. Then you listen to the lyrics, and you're like "WHAT", did he just say that. YUP! he sure did. And that's the fun part. You get great hair metal music, with the aughts(00) lyrics.
You need to be at this show, it's the new 80's hair metal.

Disclaimer: I meant no disrespect by using anyones pic. I was promoting the band.