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-jr-MusicRevue 06/23/2010

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So Duende gave their longtime bass player Jason Worden the grandest of sendoffs by releasing a new vinyl LP at Club Bart in Ferndale a few weeks ago. Titled "Way In Is Out", the record features 6 songs ranging from dance to psychedelia to straight ahead garage rock and roll all with a western desert twinge. The title track is the song that made me turn into an insta-fan for Duende the first time I saw them perform live. The lyrics are drawn from an anecdote reminisced by music legend Dale Beavers regarding a mystical card game. The closer, "Boss Radio" is a throwback to a now defunct radio station known for playing local Detroit up and comers the MC5 back in the day. Word has it when Duende was on their recent tour to New Orleans, they played "Boss Radio" and the crowd dug it so much that the band was gifted a bottle of whiskey in exchange for performing the song a second time. This is a great record from one of the best Detroit acts today. I don't believe it's for sale online quite yet, but keep checking the Loco Gnosis label site or you can purchase "Way In Is Out" at Cadieux Cafe June 26th where Duende will be playing with Spitting Nickles and Madame XD. Seriously, buy this record!!!

If you would like something revued by the legendary -jr, feel free to mail hard-copies to 11859 Sycamore, Plymouth, Mi. 48170....and I am partial to vinyl.

-jr is a musician/dj/blogger/writer from Detroit, MI. He performs in the bands The Jesus Chainsaw Massacre and Sheefy Mcfly & The Delorean. He also writes a cultural blog covering the ins and outs of the Detroit Music Scence as well as pop culture. When Dj'ing he uses the handle DJ JCM. He has been an integral part of the Detroit Music mechanation for the past 10 years. He knows just about everything about music on both a local and national level. His opinon is gold and is infallible. This is what's been in my ear lately.