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PHOTOS: Gold Motel & SKYBOX by Smasri

The factory is a small venue in Rochester, a record store with the top floor cleared out actually. I arrived in the midst of a thunderstorm to find most of Skybox and Gold Motel mingling with friends and fans outside. The crowd drifted into the hot, dank air inside as a young Cash Harrison opened with his acoustic. The second act, Skybox, brought so much energy and character that, despite its small size, the crowd instantly forgot their sweat drenched clothes and danced through the entire set.

It’s the same set they’ll play at Lollapalooza this summer and it’s very solid. They mixed acapella-worthy vocals with some original, electric guitar driven music. Although Skybox is difficult to follow, pop band Gold Motel finished the night with some excellent California summer music.

The show was great, and a repeat act at the same venue goes down July 15th.