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Ace Frehley Rockin’ on the Riverfront Detroit 07/27/2012

Detroit Rock City. A moniker that Detroiters hold close to their heart, no matter what band is playing on any given night. This city is proud of it's rock and roll history and the outpouring of fans to see the legendary Ace Frehley rock the riverfront last Friday shows that this city is always ready to have a good time and lose their mind in a good foot stomping, ass kicking, guitar licking rock and roll show. Not even the daunting rain clouds and overcast skies were going to dampen the spirit of this crowd, determined to see Space Ace at his finest in his reborn solo career.

Overflowing the seating area, lining the sidewalk up and down Atwater street and the walkway of the riverfront, people of all ages, colors, creeds and walks of life came down to celebrate one of the greatest guitarists who helped christen this city on the map of rock music for eternity. KISS shirts, Frehley's Comets shirts, even a couple people in Space Ace makeup gathered anxiously for the grand moment when Ace took the stage. As he emerged from the side door of the GM building across the street to cheers and chants of "Ace! Ace! Ace!", the crowd swelled forward to the stage, eager to absorb every bit of energy that was about to be unleashed.

Launching in to "Rip It Out" from his eponymously titled album, Ace displayed a spirited abundance of rejuvenation, an excitement to be playing in Detroit that fueled the fans in to a cacophony of cheers. Following that with a mix of originals, KISS songs, covers, and even a guitar solo, he had the riverfront truly rocking as only the "D" can rock. Suits and ties next to headband adorned tattooed rockers, moms and children alike, fists pumped in the air, the party went on in to the night, a fitting release to the end of another long summer week in Detroit.