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Concert Review: Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival July 22, 2012 @ DTE Energy Music Theatre

Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival. The title alone pretty much sums up this recurring whirlwind of an all day modern rock festival. Sweat, tattoos, mosh pits, scorching sun, the exhaust fumes of the motocross riders flying high across the parking lot. Fists pumped in the air, battle cries abound as each band takes to the various stages letting loose a barrage of metal upon the chaotic eager crowd. Flying bodies flail and contort across the ceiling of the crowd, nonstop, in wild abandon as note after blistering note blare forth from the walls of speakers assaulting the masses of fans. If you missed this gig then you truly missed one of the best metal circuses to come barreling through Detroit.

The Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival marches on at the following dates:

July 25, 2012     Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio
July 27, 2012     Camden, New Jersey
July 28, 2012     Burgettstown, Pennsylvania
July 29, 2012     Bristow, Virginia
July 31, 2012     Saratoga Springs, New York
August 1, 2012     Corfu, New York
August 3, 2012     Mansfield, Massachusetts
August 4, 2012     Scranton, Pennsylvania
August 5, 2012     Hartford, Connecticut