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Review: Identity Festival 2012 with Video!

Le Castle Vania Greets His Fans

At Identity Festival yesterday, I had a great time, as well as hundreds (thousands?) of others. While it may not have been the best organized event, with too little space in some places (the main stage area) and too wide open (the Crofoot) in others, the event still was a completely absorbing and fun time. Most importantly, the music and sights were glorious. Every act I saw brought something to the table.

I was able to sit down and interview several acts at the show which are featured on the video below:

Audrey Napoleon - is a dance electronic artist from LA that is one of the few female artists on the tour. Her 5pm set was a dance inspired mix of EDM and electro. Her debut release "Ornamental Egos" is set for release next week on July 24 so be sure to check it out.

Showtek - Maybe the most and aggressive and energetic band of the show Showtek take the stage with one member behind the boards and the other roams the stage generating energy with chants and crowd interplay. On the tour bus they were real gents having tea and discussed how there music is constantly evolving.

Le Castle Vania - From Atlanta, Le Castle Vania hits the stage with a rock star approach that throws a blitz of sound which is his own blend of electro, rock and dance. Offstage LCV took pictures with his many fans then made time for me and my spontaneous correspondent, Andi, as we talked to LCV on his tour bus about the tour and how he views giving away his music as a true expression of appreciation for his fans.

Arty - is one of the newcomers to the tour and has the distinction of being from Russia. While his accent may be a bit thick side the tracks he threw down were even thicker with heavy throbs of bass and electro transitions that really stirred the crowd up. Backstage Arty is a soft-spoken genuine guy that talks about his love for his family and how much he enjoys playing here in the US.

There will be more video from the show to come to Most People Are DJs and I took over 300 photos which I will putting ot on MCB as soon as I can get to them, so stay tuned!

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