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ALBUM RELEASE: Team Ethic "Ex-Lovers With Robot Hearts" Friday 7/6, Woodruff's

This Friday night brings the debut full-length album from Ann Arbor's Team Ethic. Ex-Lovers with Robot Hearts is a breezy indiepop nugget with a distinctly Michigan-centric feel to it. The sound is both jangly and bombastic, similar to Ryan Adams or Band of Horses but with more of a raw edge. "Pills, Bones, Heights" the anthemic opening track, runs the gamut between moody alt-country and up-temp post punk. The songs are well crafted and create a singular vibe, kind of like re-telling stories in your mind while driving up north by yourself. "If I Were Her" is another standout track, genre-jumping and rolling like the Killers used to do when they were still relevant. "Signs of the Apocalypse" closes the set with solid punctuation, the hardest rocker on the disc.

The entirety of Ex-Lovers is available for streaming here:

You can check out Team Ethic's album release this Friday night at Woodruff's in Ypsi as they share the stage with local favorites The Juliets, Jamaican Queens (formerly of Prussia) and Lawnmower.