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Picasso and Matisse at The Detroit Institue Of Art



"Snazzy is as Snazzy Does!"
Gwen Joy is an artist who specializes in colorful folk art paintings. 
Life experience is her subject matter which is translated in a lyrical/mythical fashion.
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    The Detroit Institute of Art is showcasing several Matisse and Picasso drawings and lithographs until January 6, 2013 in a special exhibit. Graham W. J. Beal, the DIA director said “We have such a rich collection of modern art, and are delighted to showcase nearly all our significant works by Picasso and Matisse. In the early years of the 20th century, these two seminal artists engaged in a fierce rivalry, each trying to out-do the other and be seen as the premier Modern artist of the time. Once established, they went their separate, equally prolific, ways but continued to watch one another’s development from afar, this time, more in the spirit of a mutual admiration shared by seasoned veterans.” 
   Drawings from Picasso's early years and his more cutting edge styles fill the gallery. I was especially taken with an etching called "The Dream and Lie of Franco" which was a commentary on the Spanish Civil War and included a surreal free form poem. I also enjoyed the Jacqueline linoleum cut series which fused together his many art styles and mastery of color.

        Of the work by Matisse the Jazz series and his aquatint piece "Nadia with Smooth Hair" struck a cord with me. In his Faces series the lines are bold and full of emotion. Lovely and insightful exhibits like these add a lot to our cultural life. The Detroit Institute of Art is a state and national treasure. Please vote yes on the mileage on August 7th.